People Movers

Electrical solutions for people movers: safe, reliable, continuous operation

Electric power and control systems for people mover solutions

From all-electric ships to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Nidec ASI provides the extensive range of electric power and control systems, motors, drives, distribution, instrumentation and supervisory systems needed to make environmentally friendly urban mass transit a reality.

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Our passion for more energy efficient people movers grew out of our work developing automation and control systems for Ropeways Transits’ Aerial Cable Cars. Throughout the Alps and across the globe, we join those who strive to reach new heights while also taking into consideration the impact on the environment.


Robust people movers solutions provide real time control

The robust design of Nidec ASI ropeway systems provides our customers with the assurance they need of smooth, constant operation, day after day, year after year. Our real time adjustable control systems allow the plant to adjust to the constant demanding changes in load requirements as soon as they occur maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy consumption. This translates into lower operating costs.