Energy Management

Electrical and control system for energy management


Reducing energy consumption and optimizing plant efficiency

Our unique electrical and control system allows several levels of energy optimization. Network quality is assured by Active Front End converters in a Common DC Busbar configuration in MV and LV applications. Nidec ASI actively works with customers in Iron & Steel, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling and Non-ferrous metals production to reduce energy costs by improving overall plant efficiency.


Mega DC-bus Solution for Seamless Pipe Mills and Processing Lines

Nidec ASI is the first and only company offering a Mega DC-bus solution. The mega DC-bus configuration allows the connection of the common DC buses of the Mill (e.g. Seamless Pipe Mandrel Mill retainer rack + mandrel mill stands 1 ÷ 5 + extracting mill + mandrel mill stand 6) to be connected together. This solution offers significant energy and cost savings. In particular, this solution minimizes the power requirements from the grid by optimizing the energy-balance at the DC-bus level and offers built-in redundancy due to the rectifiers installed for higher plant availability. In addition to the energy savings, initial investment costs are reduced by removing the need for MV feeders and transformers, reducing power and control cable requirements and optimizing rectifier cabinets.