Improving Energy Efficiency in power plants

Conventional Power Station: electric motors and generators

Conventional Energy

Complete electrical package for all types of power stations

Nidec ASI has been supplying electric motors and generators for auxiliaries in power stations of all types and size worldwide. Our variable speed drive solutions, softstarters, static excitation systems, static frequency converter and power quality solutions have demonstrated years of reliability and efficiency. Whether you are revamping your existing power station or considering a green-field solutions, Nidec ASI can provide the complete electrical package for all your auxiliary pump, fan and compressor needs.


Improving power plant efficiency, increasing output and reducing emissions

Nidec ASI has significant experience in the revamping, retrofitting and upgrade of auxiliary motors, generators and drives in coal, gas, thermal and combined cycle power stations.

Our services cover a wide range of activities which include, but are not limited to, such things as digitization of analogue drive controls, retrofitting VFDs on pump and fan motors to improve efficiency, substitution of motors with higher efficiency ones, replacement of aging excitation systems and Long Term Service Agreements for maintenance and repair.


Securing a stable supply of electricity

As AC transmission lines continue to age, reach maximum load capacity or attempt to accommodate more renewable energy sources, they often require support to manage issue such as voltage sags, flickering, excess of reactive power, active power flow fluctuation and other phenomena caused by intermittent energy flows and fluctuations.

Nidec ASI is a leading expert in Power Quality and has developed a full range of products including SVC, Statcom and D-Statcom devices that are helping industries and transmission & distribution line operators solve these issues to ensure stable electrical supply in their region.


Helping modernize aging stations for safer energy supply

Revamping nuclear power stations is serious business. Making sure that the components meet rigorous safety requirements and will guarantee reliable service over their entire lifespan is fundamental.

Nidec ASI is one of the few companies worldwide qualified to supply electric motors and generators to nuclear power stations. Our electric motors and generators are being used for the modernization and upgrade on auxiliary pumps and fans in the non-nuclear island.

Nidec ASI prides itself on the stringent quality controls that the machines undergo before they are shipped to site for installation. Nidec ASI is one of the most reliable brands in this field.


Conventional Power Stations Solutions and Energy Research

In order for nuclear fusion research to be able to proceed in safety, the research labs have to be ready to handle the sudden surge of energy that will be released from the process. Nidec ASI supplied the Quench Protection Circuit (QPC) for the protection of the poloidal and toroidal field superconducting magnets for the Japan Atomic Energy Agency project JT-60SA.

About the JT-60SA project

The JT-60SA project is a fusion experiment designed to investigate how best to optimize the operation of fusion power plants that are built. It is a joint international research and development project involving Japan and Europe, and is to be built in Naka, Japan. SA stands for “super advanced”.