Maximum productivity depends on reliable products that perform efficiently and safely throughout their life cycle.


Nidec ASI built its reputation in heavy industries such as Oil&Gas, Metals, Marine and Power Generation where failure to perform is never an option. Today, we are at the forefront in renewable energy applications offering solutions that optimize energy production, improve efficiency and help ensure maximum uptime. We are also present in Ropeways, Tunnel Ventilation, Material Handling – wherever reliability and safety are an issue, Nidec ASI is the brand of choice.

Renewable Energy

EPC services for PV, BESS and Smart Microgrids

Nidec ASI’s solutions guarantee stable power supply from renewable energy sources including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and battery energy storage systems (BESS). With more than 400MW of installed power capacity worldwide, including large-scale, distributed energy storage and micro-grid technology, Nidec ASI is able to offer competitive, high-performance solutions for large commercial and utility scale plants as an EPC provider.


Conventional Energy

Complete electrical package for all types of power stations


Nidec ASI has been supplying electric motors and generators for auxiliaries in power stations of all types and size worldwide. Whether you are revamping your existing power station or considering a green-field solutions, Nidec ASI can provide the complete electrical package for all your auxiliary pump, fan and compressor needs.

Oil & Gas

Product, system and service for safe, reliable and efficient operations

Whether you are tapping into oil or extracting gas, our engineering expertise can help you reach that extra mile. Our well known reputation for reliability make us one of the most respected names in the Oil & Gas industry. You can count on Nidec ASI to deliver from the Siberian Tundra to the Saharan Desert or anywhere else you happen to be.



Automation and control systems for metals plants


With more than 950 automation and control systems installed in metals plants across the globe, Nidec ASI delivers comprehensive electrical and automation solutions that increase plant processing productivity and improve the reliability and efficiency of the entire system, from power generation, to medium and low voltage drives and motors to automation and control equipment.


Custom solutions for marine propulsion and power generation

Our engineering capabilities allow us to design electric power generation and propulsion systems to meet ship designers’ targets in terms of space, noise levels and performance. Our solutions offer naval architects and engineers flexibility in design due to the compact size and ease of installation of our systems and components and ensure efficient and reliable life-cycle performance.


General industry

Components and packages to improve plant efficiency and performance


Whether you require a green-field plant or simply wish to modernize and/or expand your existing facility, our tools and components for automation and control systems can easily be integrated with your current systems. Our components and systems provide significant energy savings and reduce both the cost and time required for maintenance operations.

People movers

Safety, constant operation and reliability

From the all-electric ship to the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Nidec ASI provides an extensive range of electric packages, instrumentation and supervisory systems to make environmentally friendly Mass Urban Transit a reality. Our experience in this field stems from the development automation and control systems for Ropeways throughout the Alps and across the globe.



Improve Machine Availability and Productivity


Nidec provides proven mining-specific electrical upgrades for a wide variety of applications, including Draglines, Shovels, Conveyors, Hoists, LV&MV drives for explosion proof cabinets, both for the surface and underground mining market. Nidec’s products and controls are used throughout the world to increase the performance, reliability, and safety of mining equipment.


We Power Your Crane


Nidec has a complete portfolio of products and services to meet both OEM and crane end user needs. Our experienced staff of engigneers and support personnel, combined with our AC and DC drive platforms, allows Nidec’s Crane Team to develop all levels of systems.



Energy-saving solutions for optimal energy efficiency


Cogeneration is a powerful tool for the implementation of a company’s environmental objectives. Nidec is able to design cogeneration and tri-generation systems,  optimizing the use of energy plants in order to achieve maximum performance. Starting from the planning and development stage, we handle the construction, installation, maintenance and eventual revamping. We offer our customers a turn-key solution that covers the entire life-cycle of the plant.


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