Thin Client architecture

Ergonomic digital architecture for system automation management

In the past the interface that allowed the operator to control the plant consisted of complex pulpits with buttons and indicators. They are now used only for basic commands. Thanks to the evolution in HMI (Human Machine Interface), information and commands can now be managed on computers. Nidec ASI has designed different solutions based on a high-tech ergonomic HMI interface.
With over a century of experience to draw on Nidec ASI presents its innovative operator interface solution: the Thin Client (single terminal for data display and entry with monitor and keyboard connected to a central server).

The Thin Client Advantage                           
The Thin Client architecture offers many advantages:
The Thin Client fits easily into any pulpit.
It does not require cooling fans and has a very low energy consumption.
The Thin Client does not require hard disks: the absence of such delicate components reduces troubleshooting and installation problems.

Other features:

  • Low cost for hardware and associated operating costs
  • designed for heavy duty operations
  • Very Small footprint
  • high availability
The Thin Client downloads the software from the server network. The System administrators can then run the update process on a single server. In case of a virus attack the initial configuration is easily restored This contributes to reducing the cost of systems maintenance.