Answer Drives Low Voltage inverters: flexible, performing solutions for demanding applications.

The Answer Drives family of low voltage inverters are the ideal solution for demanding industrial applications: from simple to high performance, from low power (0.37kW) up to 6MW, from the single motor to the multi-motor version, these inverters are the ideal choice for system engineers, manufacturers and final users.

AD700 Low Voltage Drives

Answer Drives 700

The Answer Drives 700 is a compact, easy to use and low cost Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that uses IGBT technology for control of low voltage AC motors ...


Low Voltage Drive - Answer Drives 1000

Answer Drives 1000

AD1000 is the new energy-saving solution for optimal pump control. It is a high-performance variable frequency drive that can reduce energy demand significantly by automatically adjusting ...


Low Voltage Drive - Answer Drives 3000

Answer Drives 3000

The Answer Drives 3000 is a vector Variable Frequency Drive with unmatched levels of adaptability. This efficient drive has proven service in a wide range of applications with ...


Low Voltage Drive - Answer Drives 5000

Answer Drives 5000

The Answer Drives 5000 is an IGBT-based VDF suitable for a single motor or system applications with asynchronous motors and it is developed for AC or DC power supply ...


Answer Drives HP

The Answer Drives HP, available with either forced air or water cooling, extends the power of the Answer Drives 3000 up to 6 MW. The Answer Drives HP has the same ...


Answer Drive GS

Answer Drives GS

The Answer Drives GS is designed for large-scale grid-connected photo-voltaic systems like industrial or ground mounted plants and can be connected ...


DC Drives

DC Drives

DC is a family of compact, high performance three-phase AC/DC thyristor converters with two or four quadrant operation, high, dynamic response, ease of customization ...