Architecture - AMS Power and AMS Embedded

AMS Artics Micro System: reliability and versatility every day in hundreds of installations

ARTICS automation platform has been developed to provide highly demanding calculation power in extremely reduced cycle times. It is efficiently supported and continuously updated by a dedicated team of engineers. ARTICS was designed to exceed even the most stringent real-time requirements and demonstrates its reliability and versatility every day in hundreds of installations in metals industries, cement, rubber and plastic plants, paper mills, industrial auxiliaries, ropeways and smart energy installations worldwide.
The ARTICS framework is based on AMS (Nidec ASI Micro System), a family of multifunctional units for real time control of fast processes, with cycle times in the milliseconds. Flexible, powerful and based on state-of-the-art hardware and software, AMS is the simplest multiprocessing microsystem available for industrial applications. Development and deployment of applications in a multiprocess, multitasking environment is made possible by using the best programming language for each specific control function (choosing from Ladder to C language). ARTICS Embedded PC was recently integrated into the platform for small and/or distributed systems.
ARTICS is a standard open platform based on commercial hardware that allows integration with the most popular PLCs. While providing efficient maintenance, the platform is compatible with off-the-shelf components, such as remote I/Os, supervision systems or data acquisition system.

ARTICS Architecture

AAMS Power and AMS Embedded

AMS_Power is a powerful multiprocessor platform based on VME industrial bus for high-performance applications, while AMS_Embedded is a smart PCI/PCIe architecture designed for small / distributed systems.